Meet the RevvFitness Family!

Nikki Revis

Nikki is the owner of RevvFitness, a NASM certified personal trainer, avid hiker, proud wife and mother of two. She has also obtained specializations in balance, core, resistance, and reactive training, as well as corrective exercise, neuromuscular stretching, and cardiovascular training for athletes. After dropping 40 pounds and overcoming depression with health and fitness, she found her passion in helping others do the same. She firmly believes that knowledge is power, so when she isn’t developing and educating her team and clients, she spends her pass time reading, and attending or working at training camps and self development seminars.

Jennifer Kane

Jen started teaching yoga because it’s the only group fitness class you can do without shoes! She is certified in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and has a BS in health and wellness. Jen believes that yoga practice is really just life practice. The things we will learn on our mat will impact how we live off the mat. She has 4 kids and is almost never wearing shoes!

Michelle Ennis

Michelle first started her fitness career in 1992 as a Personal trainer and fitness instructor. Before marriage and 5 kids, she was an athlete, dancer and loved helping people reach their fitness goals.  Somewhere between then and now, she stopped all of that and Yo-Yo’ed from anorexic to Obese before returning to her former life as a fitness trainer again in 2008. In 2009 after dropping 60 pounds, she opened her first fitness studio and started Phazes Fitness and created the Phazes 40/20 circuit program.  Among her multiple certifications are: TRX, Group Fitness, Senior Fitness, Paddlefit, Zumba®, Hot Hula, and Pilates. She’s helped countless find joy in fitness and reach their fitness goals. Her big goal is to make 50 years old her best year ever.

Bethany Gubler

Bethany was never an athlete (she only likes to party!) so when Zumba® fitness arrived she fell in love. She has been teaching for over 7 years and loving every sweaty minute of it. Bethany discovered Pilates and loved the way it made her feel, so she certified in that format too. Recently, she decided she felt like Superman, and embarked on her STRONG by Zumba® certification. She loves the challenge and intensity of STRONG, and how empowering it is! Bethany continues to exercise because she loves the mental benefits, loves seeing her friends everyday, loves taking a mommy break, and loves feeling fit!

Heather Layton

Heather was born and raised right here in Hurricane, UT. Her husband and herself both attended Utah State where she got her degree in exercise science. They now have 3 awesome children, and while her primary focus has been motherhood, she has worked for Phazes Fitness as a circuit trainer for almost 4 years! She loves seeing people improve their health, get stronger and reach their goals, and being a trainer has allowed her to be a big part of that on a regular basis!

Stephanie Swensen

Stephanie has been a U-Jam Fitness instructor for over 4 years. She’s also walking proof of how Dance Fitness can change a person’s life. After attending just one class she was hooked. Within less than a year she had lost 25 lbs which inspired her to become an instructor herself so she could share her love for dance and fitness with others. U-Jam Fitness combines cardio, dance, & world beats. It is more than a fitness program it is a community that’s unites us all through dance.

Heather O’Brien

Heather is a certified Zumba®, Strong® Instructor and ZIN member. She loves to dance and get fit while doing it! As an energetic and enthusiastic instructor, she uses her knowledge and passion of dance and fitness to help, inspire, and motivate people to fulfill their fitness and wellness goals. She believes that people can empower themselves through exercise and improve their physical, emotional, and mental state. Her contagious fun attitude is sure to make every class feel like a party, leaving everyone feeling happy, fit and more confident! When not on the dance floor, Heather enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 kids. She enjoys being active outdoors, photography, movies and shopping!!!

Anna Beck

Anna Beck loves to bring the party! Anna has been a part of the international Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) since 2013 and specializes in Zumba® that uplifts and encourages, as well as getting a dynamic full-body workout. She believes in the power of community and works to create an accepting and positive atmosphere, with music that is hip enough to bring your daughters, and clean enough to bring your mom. Anna also works as a drama therapist at a local residential treatment center and participates in local theatre. She loves rough-housing with her three young boys and husband.  You are likely to find her singing loudly and rocking out in her mini-van!

Ashely Sorenson

Ashley is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), with a deep love and passion for all things health and fitness. Her goal as a trainer is to make fitness and health a fun, and less daunting, journey. She is a wife and Momma of two, who suffered from diastasic recti with her pregnancies, and has made it her mission to educate and help Moms learn how to safely come back to exercise postpartum. Ashley loves the outdoors, and always makes the time to be in the hills with her family!

Peggy Mammen

Peggy moved to Southern Utah nearly 10 years ago. She has worked at this studio from the beginning as a circuit trainer and a beginning yoga fit instructor. Trying new healthy recipes and sharing them with others (like our studio members!), is one of her favorite things to do. She also enjoys hiking, swimming, and exploring new places with her 3 dogs. Peggy is a  proud mother of two, and grandmother of one. The claim that physical activity can transform your physical, and psychological well-being is something she truly believes in, and has experienced first hand.

Taunia Boeshans

Taunia is a Utah native, with a love and passion for any adventure outdoors. She grew up backpacking, camping, and a yearning to travel. After moving to the desert, she began rock climbing, kayaking, and thrived on the meditative flo involved. When she found hot yoga, she was instantly hooked, and became an avid Bikram practitioner. She felt lacking when she missed a day. Taunia went on to complete a 200 hr yoga teacher training in St.George. She started teaching at a local studio, then went on to run it until having a beautiful baby boy. Now, she enjoys teaching and sharing her love of yoga while raising her son. 

Miriam Marshall

Miriam is Tongan and loves sharing her heritage through dance. She loves Polynesian dance, how it tells a story, as well as burns the core and legs! She danced growing up at Luaus and all through college but also struggled with weight her entire life. It wasn’t until recent years that she learned how to use exercise, diet, community, and dance to overcome major obstacles (like the loss of a child and heart surgery) and lose 130 lbs!! Yes, 130 lbs! She is Hot Hula certified and is excited to share her journey and culture with everyone.

April Suwyn

The first fitness class April ever took was Kickboxing and it was pure love. After taking years of fun fitness classes from other instructors, April kept waiting for her favorite class to come back in style. When it never did she decided it was time to bring it back. She was working on it when hardship struck and she felt like quitting. Instead of quitting she decided to keep on keeping on (as Joe Dirt would say) and help empower others through fitness. She loves helping people feel better about themselves and realize their true strength comes from within. She is raising three amazing boys and loves being a mom.