Who are we:

We are a fitness studio that specializes in Group Fitness, Personal Training, and Circuit Training!

Unlike your average gym, we are here to ensure that you are given the personal attention, supportive community, and conducive environment you and your goals deserve, in a fun, functional, and effective way (hint: you don’t need to use a ton of bulky, confusing machinery to get the results you’ve always longed for!).

Our mission:

To maintain an unparalleled environment that enables every single one of our members to successfully revv up their health and fitness, and reach their goals with ease. We take pride in providing quality instructors, as well as providing a variety of classes and training options to ensure we meet the health and fitness needs of the entire community.

Our values:

Quality: We believe in quality over quantity! Although we are small in number, we are highly selective in our instructors. We continually seek opportunity for improvement and education in the fitness industry, so we can always offer our members the most valuable tools to help them achieve the results they desire.

Community: We believe relationships matter! Research shows that having a supportive community significantly increases the odds of success. Here at RevvFitness, we are family! We make it our top priority to support our members, ensuring that you experience the warm welcome of friendly faces and a fun atmosphere at all times.

Integrity: We believe in heart! Our instructors always have the best interest of the client at heart. We understand that having a studio that can be counted on to address the wishes and concerns of its members, with care and professionalism, helps maintain an environment conducive to success.