Let’s talk DIET!

Let’s talk DIET!

There is an emphasis on the concept that “energy-in” must be less than “energy-out” in order to lose weight. This is absolutely accurate!!!! BUT, there is a lot more to a successful diet than just energy balance! If your energy (energy meaning calories) deficit is too large (which it is for MANY dieters) you’ll definitely lose some fat, but your body will actually begin to pull from your muscles as fuel as well. Meaning your body will be breaking down it’s own muscle in order to feed your undernourished body.

Another concept that is often over-looked is that our bodies are highly intelligent and adaptive. They will adapt to the amount of fuel you’re providing it. This means your metabolism slows or speeds up to meet the energy demands. If you are eating in a deficit for an extended period of time, your metabolism slows to match your consumption—and that’s when most people stop seeing results, or even start gaining unwanted body fat despite eating small amounts of food. Then the only way people know how to overcome the deficit is continuing to decrease their calories, which often leads to extreme feelings of deprivation, malnutrition, binging, or other forms of disordered eating.

Here at RevvFitness, we choose to view food as fuel. We strive to disassociate negative thoughts with food choices to avoid creating disordered eating habits. We seek healthy and sustainable results. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all diet that works for everyone so here are our recommendations for you to review before beginning any health or fitness regimen.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will it benefit my health?
  • Does it seem natural?
  • Will it likely provide a short term fix, or a long term solution?

Let’s practice with a 500-800 calorie diet

  • Will it benefit my health? Not likely. I have yet to meet an adult whose BMR (basal metabolic rate, aka the amount of energy your body needs just for basic cellular function) is under 1000 calories…so eating half of what your body needs just to breath and pump blood through your body doesn’t logically make healthful sense and will very likely lead to serious health implications & malnourishment over time.
  • Does it seem natural? Our body’s natural state requires much more than 500 calories. So again, given that your body’s basic bodily functions require more calories than what you’re consuming, we’re going to have to say it’s not natural.
  • Will it likely provide a short term fix or a long term solution? You can definitely drop body weight, and rapidly ( it’ll come from both fat and lean muscle mass). It will also likely throw your body into starvation mode (aka fat storage mode) which means as soon as you transition back to ‘normal’ eating habits there’s a very high chance that you’ll gain back what you lost (and then some).
  • Is it sustainable- I’ll let you answer that for yourself- can you see yourself eating 500-800 calories the rest of your life?!


If you’d like more tailored nutrition coaching, we encourage you to book an appointment with one of our highly knowledgable personal trainers. Let them know when you come in for your appointment that you want to use your personal training session for nutrition-only coaching.